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Cross-sector stakeholders committed to improving maternal health outcomes

The learning community invites maternal health stakeholders – including providers, payers, patients, purchasers, community-based organizations, policymakers and others – to share and learn from other organizations and persons committed to reducing maternal morbidity, mortality, and health disparities.

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We are a hub of best practices for advancing high-value maternity care

The Maternal Health Hub, developed by the Health Care Transformation Task Force with support from The Commonwealth Fund, serves as a repository to support dissemination of best practices, findings, tools, and resources to support high-value maternity care.

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“You have people feeling traumatized by the disproportionate losses of lives due to the virus. You... put postpartum and all the physiological changes that go along with that, and the vulnerability. You have the perfect storm for a crisis.”

How pandemic anxiety is affecting pregnant women

Pregnant people in the pandemic are even more vulnerable to depression and anxiety. It's a problem the U.S. is already struggling to address.


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