ACTT empowers mothers to be in control of their health and well-being during pregnancy. Mothers are encouraged to:

  • Ask Questions
  • Claim their space
  • Trust their body
  • Tell their story

The Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood offers an ACTT Workshop. The workshop is for use by the Black Community to increase knowledge, skills, and confidence in vetting maternity services and obtaining person-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. The curriculum is a combination of facilitator-led discussion and participant role-play, with discussion topics covering subjects such as Human Rights in Maternity Care, Vetting Services, and Gathering support. ACTT also encourages moms to enlist the support of family and friends to form a support group that can help choose the best available maternity services, speak up and ask questions during visits, meet the mom’s physical and emotional needs, and reduce stress during pregnancy and during and after the birth.

Authors: Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood

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