The COVID-19 pandemic led to rapid uptake of telemedicine services, which have been shown to be potentially cost-saving and of comparable quality to in-person care for certain populations. However, there are some concerns regarding feasibility of implementation for marginalized populations and the impact of widespread implementation of these services on health disparities has not been well studied.

In this retrospective cohort study at a single tertiary care center, researchers compared differences in outcomes between all Black and non-Black patients who had scheduled postpartum visits (PPV) prior to and following implementation of telehealth for postpartum care.

They found that implementation of telehealth for postpartum care during the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with decreased racial disparities in postpartum visit attendance.

Authors: Natasha Kumar, MD; Maria Paula Arias, MDMSCE; Kristen Leitner, MD; Eileen Wang, MD; Elizabeth Clement, MD; Rebecca Hamm, MD, MSCE

Publication Date: December 5 2022

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