The Maternal Health Hub, supported by the Commonwealth Fund, is pleased to release “Evolving the Maternal Health Quality Measurement Enterprise to Support the Community-Based Maternity Model.This issue brief examines the historical emphasis on clinical quality measurement in maternity care and highlights the need to develop and implement measures that center the patient’s voice and needs.

The quality measurement enterprise has struggled to implement patient-reported experience and outcome measures (PREMs and PROMs) in general and, in particular, as they relate to maternity care. With the maternal mortality and morbidity crisis affecting communities across the country, it is critical to prioritize measures that center the experiences and outcomes of those most impacted. This brief highlights two efforts- one led by the University of British Columbia Birth Place Lab, and the other a collaboration between the National Birth Equity Collaborative (NBEC) and the National Coalition for Quality Assurance (NCQA) – that have recognized the need for improved maternal quality measures and are actively working to address current gaps.

The brief also outlines a path forward for improving maternity care by expanding access to the community-based model of maternity care that centers midwives, doulas, birth centers, and other community health workers. Used in tandem with the community-based maternity birth model, improved quality measurement could improve maternal health across the country.

The Maternal Health Hub (the Hub) is run by the Health Care Transformation Task Force and supported by the Commonwealth Fund.

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