Executive Summary

As awareness of perinatal health disparities grows, many birthing people of color are seeking racially and/or culturally concordant providers. Seven focus group discussions (FGDs) with a total of 27 participants were conducted to investigate the perspectives of patients and doulas across Massachusetts, United States.

Most study participants specified the importance of cultural humility in doula–client relationships. Doulas approaching the relationship humbly with a willingness to learn and challenge their own assumptions—regardless of the level of concordance—can make a meaningful impact on the perinatal experience.

Authors: Ebunoluwa Falade, Ronald Cornley, Caroline Ezekwesili, Juliet Musabeyezu, Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Tajh Ferguson, Christina Gebel, Sayida Peprah-Wilson, Elysia Larson

Publication Date: August 2022

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