Texas Children’s Health Plan—The Center for Children and Women was selected for the Pregnancy Medical Home Pilot program in 2014. The program provided maternity care management to women who received medical care through Medicaid. Its goal was to reduce poor birth outcomes such as premature birth and low birth weight. The pilot program in Harris County, Texas was created through the Texas House Bill 1605, authored by Texas State Representative Sarah Davis and signed by Governor Rick Perry in 2013.

Authors: The Center for Children and Women, Texas Children’s Health Plan

Publication Date: February 2014

Evaluation Reports:

Texas Children’s Health Plan Pregnancy Medical Home Pilot Program: Final Evaluation Report (Texas Department of Health and Human Services)

Additional Resources:

Pregnancy Medical Home: Outcomes and Cost-Savings (Suhag, et al.)

Improving Women’s Health Outcomes Through Payment and Delivery System Reform (Center for American Progress)

A Process for Structuring Bundled Payments in Maternity Care (NEJM Catalyst)

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